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10 FREE Magento Themes for Your Home Dropshipping Business

10 FREE Magento Themes for Your Home Dropshipping Business

How about 10 FREE Magento themes for your home dropshipping business? Magento is hot and has even more user friendly features than when it first debuted on the web back in 2008. You can customize to your heart’s content and have just the right theme for your ecommerce dropship store without spending a dime.

If you have heard of Magento but aren’t clear about exactly what it is and what it does and why you might want it, here is a good explanation straight from Wikipedia; that online source of knowledge galore about anything and everything:

“Magento is an open source e-commerce web application that was launched on March 31, 2008. It was developed by Varien (now Magento Inc) with help from the programmers within the open source community but is owned solely by Magento Inc. Magento was built using the Zend Framework. It uses the entity-attribute-value (EAV) database model to store data.

As an e-commerce platform, Magento allows for features including product display options, mobile templates, transaction options, multi-store and multi-site functionality, user accounts and loyalty programs, product categorisation and shopper filtering, and discount and promotion rules.
As a web platform, Magento uses its own model-view-controller (MVC) model. The differences between the traditional model and Magento’s model are the following:

  • The use of a layout file to control what’s displayed on each view.
  • The use of “blocks” that can be inserted into any view easily via the layout.
  • The use of a model re-write system.”

So, you should see now how wonderful Magento really is and the possibilities for your home dropshipping business using one of its free templates.

Here they are, 10 free Magento templates:

1. Magik Appy: Very glam & chic template for women’s fashion dropship sales. You could also use it very successfully for beauty and makeup products, as well as other women’s accessories.

Magento dropship templates free

2. Magik Tools: Specifically built for stores that are selling hardware accessories, tools, machine or garden tools and other products in that niche. Easy to customize!

free Magento dropship template

3. Magik Spruce: Specially designed for jewelry. Loads fast, user friendly, customizable.

free Magento template dropshipping store

4. Gear Up: A teen sports theme that would be eye catching and ideal for outdoor sporting good products such as skateboards and more.

dropship business Magento template

5. Bag Store: Very nice looking theme for handbags of all types. You could also use it for laptop bags, courier bags and more.

Magento free template dropship store

6. Magento Mobile: Great for dropshipping cell phones, iPads, tablets and more.
free Magento template dropshipping

7. EM Computer: Just the thing if your niche is computers and/or computer products. Trendy with clean lines!

Magento computer template dropship

8. Grayscale: Minimal, sleek and beautiful, customize it and make it your own. Suitable for a variety of niches.

free Magento dropshipping templates

9. Magento Classic: Another template that would lend itself well to almost any product. SEO friendly, easy to use.

free magento templates dropship

10. Magik Babies: This one is for anything baby related and is a bright, beautiful template. Easily customizable, too.

free magento templates dropshipping

Magento templates will give your dropshipping store a professional, polished look, so check these 10 free ones out now!

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Dropship Tips: Use Best SEO Practices to Boost eBay Sales!

Dropship Tips: Use Best SEO Practices to Boost eBay Sales!

SEO tips eBay dropshipYou can have a thriving, successful business on eBay as a dropship seller, especially if you use best SEO practices!

Using SEO on eBay is just as critical as using it anywhere else for ecommerce. This is something that many eBay sellers tend to overlook and they pay for this oversight with less sales and profits. If you simply take a little time to familiarize yourself with best SEO practices for eBay and then implement them—you will be amply rewarded with more income!

These tips and tricks are not at all difficult and even newbie eBay dropship sellers can master them quickly.


SEO Tips for eBay

Use these SEO tips for more eBay dropship sales.

  • Your Title: eBay now allows up to 70 characters in the title. You should use at least two, preferably three, of your main keywords and make them as close to the beginning of the title as you can.

  • Your Descriptions: Use at least 200 words for your eBay descriptions and apply your keywords strategically, especially in the first sentence. Don’t over do it, though. Using such tactics as bolding and italicizing keywords is also quite helpful.

  • Feed Google: Just like any other ecommerce endeavor, Google will reward eBay dropship sellers who provide it with fresh, relevant content. Have a Facebook Fan Page for your eBay items, tweet about them, start an account on Pinterest….the more you do to provide content about your eBay listings, the better your chances of having Google and the other search engines find you and boost your ranking in search results pages.

  • About Me Page: If you don’t already have one, do have an About Me page on eBay. This is not only a way to connect on a more personal level with your customers, but a way to furnish content and good SEO. Use plenty of links to your eBay store items and listings. Google and the other search engines love links and they will prove helpful to you by providing more SEO.

  • Update Keywords: It’s a good idea to update your eBay keywords about every two or three months. eBay itself will generate keywords for your store, but you should change and update them from time to time. Don’t know how to do this? You can find your eBay store keywords by looking at “Marketing Tools” and “Search Engine Keywords.”

  • Category Names: When choosing category names for your eBay store items, use ones with your keywords. For example, if you are selling lingerie, use each specific type you sell as its category name—corset, nightgown, girdle, and so on. This will greatly enhance your chances of having your dropship items found when an eBay shopper performs a search for a specific item you have in your store.

Using best SEO practices for your eBay dropship store items and listings can prove quite beneficial to boosting traffic and sales. Use these techniques to beef up your eBay SEO and watch traffic and dropship sales improve!


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Work From Home With Amazon Webstores: Dropshipping Made Easy!

Work From Home With Amazon Webstores: Dropshipping Made Easy!

Amazon webstores dropshippingIf you want to quit the Daily Grind and be your own boss, you can work from home with Amazon Webstores—dropshipping made easy!

Many people are joining the work at home revolution and throwing off their corporate chains because they are tired of toiling away and making a lot of money for somebody else but never enough for themselves. Ecommerce has opened up the world of retail business to anyone with access to a computer and millions of people all around the globe are finding financial as well as personal freedom working from home in an ecommerce business.

A dropshipping home business offers an even easier and faster to start making money than a regular ecommerce start up simply because:

You aren’t required to buy inventory up front
You don’t have to house any inventory
You bypass the expense and hassle of packaging and shipping the dropship products you sell
You can literally start making money right away

As you can see, ecommerce rocks and dropshipping takes it up another notch! Amazon Webstores provide a fantastic way to get started in ecommerce and get income flowing in immediately!

About Amazon Webstores & Dropshipping

Amazon is a giant online marketplace with a huge amount of traffic flowing through it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bear in mind that this is global traffic, meaning that you have exposure to potential customers from all around this big blue marble. What a big advantage this is over a traditional retail brick and mortar store that must basically rely on very limited, local traffic only for its sales.

When you use Amazon Webstores for your home dropship business venue, you will reap the benefits of its incredible stream of global traffic, as well as its brand recognition as a marketplace. You can bet that in most civilized parts of the world where people are shopping online, almost all of the people have heard of Amazon and most of them have bought from it.

This, in and of itself, is an enormous help to you with dropship sales.

Why? Simply because one of the biggest obstacles to be overcome when dealing with online shoppers is their natural hesitation and doubt about buying online. This is understandable because we all hear horror stories of internet consumers being scammed or having their sensitive data hacked. When someone shops with you on Amazon Webstores, though, you have the cachet of being associated with a business known and trusted internationally.

Needless to say, this will help tip the scales in your favor when someone is debating whether or not to pull the trigger in a purchase from you.

Although Amazon has several pricing plans for its Webstores, you would probably be better served by the one designed for Small Businesses. It is extremely user friendly! Here are some of the features of the Amazon Webstores Small Business Solutions that would be a safe bet for a dropship business:

  • Exposure to some of the 188 million people who shop on Amazon
  • Easy payments with no other gateways required. All your payments are handled directly through Amazon and the funds deposited into your bank.

  • The fast, ultra professional store builder is customizable and offers you pre-built templates and widgets.

  • No worries about not being a techno geek, because it’s all drag and drop! You can simply drag and drop widgets and other elements onto each page of your dropship store.

  • All the capabilities and merchandising feature you need to make a success of your home dropshipping business.

If you want to join the ranks of the worker bees that have dropped out of the Rat Race and are enjoying all the perks and privileges associated with working from home and earning a comfortable living—check out Amazon Webstores—dropshipping made easy!


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