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3 Tips to Dropship Plus Size Lingerie for Plus Size Profits!

3 Tips to Dropship Plus Size Lingerie for Plus Size Profits!

dropship plus size lingerieYou can dropship plus size lingerie for plus size profits because this is a red hot niche with plenty of potential for global sales!

Lingerie, in and of itself, is a fantastic ecommerce and dropshipping niche. Lingerie has been a favorite for many hundreds of years and it seems highly unlikely that this trend will change any time soon. The plus size market ramps the popularity of the niche up considerably and if you are looking for a lucrative home business in ecommerce, you will be picking a proven winner if you choose this one.

There are a variety of products in the plus size lingerie niche that would be great performers for you. Here are a few examples of the types of plus size lingerie you might want to dropship:

  • Bras
  • Panties
  • Nightgowns
  • Girdles
  • Corsets
  • Bustiers
  • Robes
  • Stockings
  • And More

Of course, here is one of the really good things about dropshipping: Since you don’t have to pay for any of the products you sell up front, you can choose to narrow your focus and only sell one or a couple of plus size lingerie items or shoot the moon and sell all of them. With the dropship business model, you just decide which products you want to sell and only pay of reach one as it is sold and you have collected the payment for it from your customer.

Here are 3 tips to help you make fantastic profits when you dropship plus size lingerie:

I. Choose your wholesale product source wisely. Your success as a dropshipper will depend almost entirely on who you select as your product supplier. Be sure it is a reputable business with high quality products. The last thing you want to do is send someone shoddy, poorly made plus size lingerie. If you are dropshipping on eBay or Amazon, bad feedback from buyers will sink your dropshipping ship in nothing flat. Avoid this by doing business with a dropship source that carries only high quality products. You should also make sure that your wholesale products source ships promptly with discreet, secure packaging and that you are provided with a tracking number to furnish the customer.  Another very important point is that your wholesale product source gives you real wholesale prices; otherwise you will not have enough of a margin for profit.

II. Order one product of each type of plus size lingerie you intend to dropship. First of all, you can check the quality this way, but equally important is that you can take your own photos for your eBay or Amazon listings, your own website or whatever online venue you have chosen for your home business platform. In most cases, the product images on the wholesale product supplier website will be bare bones at best. You will do much better to invest a few bucks in at least a three quarter mannequin to display each piece of plus size lingerie to its best advantage. Make it romantic with a nice background, candles, flowers…you get the idea. This will give you a big edge over your competitors who are using the stock images! This may sound like a lot of trouble, but it really isn’t and could net you quite a bit more in profits over time. You can sell the items you bought for photos after you are through with them.

III. You can copy and paste the plus size lingerie products directly from your wholesale product source’s website but again—these are likely to be plain vanilla, no frill descriptions that won’t be as effective in selling your items as ones you write yourself. (or have written if writing isn’t your forte.) You should romance your descriptions the same as the photos of your products. Understand that selling lingerie is different than selling dog beds or camping tents. Lingerie is a romantic sort of thing and even such basic necessities as bras and panties can be made to sound pretty and feminine instead of strictly utilitarian. Your original descriptions, written with good SEO for Google and the eBay Cassini search engine, will bring you more sales than your competition selling the exact items.

Use these 3 tips to dropship plus size lingerie for plus size profits!


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Starting a Home Dropship Business & Don’t Know What to Sell?

Starting a Home Dropship Business & Don’t Know What to Sell?

dropship productsAre you in the first stages of trying to start a home dropship business and stymied about what products to sell?

This is a very important aspect of your ecommerce business, so it is wise to take your time and be sure to choose a niche and product/s that will be good performers for you. If you don’t do the necessary research before choosing a niche, you could sink your home business before it leaves the dock, so proceed with caution!

First of all, let’s clarify one major point: Forget everything you have ever heard about only selling things you have a “passion” for. This is hogwash, basically. Yes, it would be nice to be passionate about the products you sell, but it certainly isn’t necessary.

Passion is a rather overworked word these days. Everywhere you look, you see people who are “passionate” about this, that and the other. Suddenly, even mundane, ho hum, run of the mill things are inspiring passion in people. For example, you might advertise for someone to type a transcript of a book and get applicants who claim to be passionate about typing.

Really? Typing? (This is a true story.)

Look at it this way. You may adore oysters and absolutely love them—fried, baked or on the half shell. But, if you went to work in an oyster house that served nothing but oysters and you ate them every day for a while, don’t you think that passion would begin to wane? Of course it would!

It is the same thing with dropship products. Even if you start out being passionate about a particular product, after a while it will eventually be more of a way to make a living than something you could wax poetic about for hours on end….and that’s as it should be. If you want to be passionate about something connected with your dropship business, be passionate about making money!

Now, here are a few tips to help you choose your home dropship business products wisely:

  • Consider a niche that has a ton of accessories and correlating products. For example, let’s say you are selling dog beds and a shopper adds a bed to his/her cart. Now you can show the shopper other dog products. This is a fantastic way to increase sales because (a) you’re pitching the sale to someone who is already in “buying mode” and (b) chances are that someone who needs a dog bed might need leashes, collars, toys and so on. Remember, with dropshipping you don’t have to buy inventory up front, so you can sell as many products as you like!

  • We’ve squelched the question of your personal passion when it comes to your dropship niche, but if you pander to the passions of others you will land on your feet and make a lot of sales and money. Think hobbyists, for instance. Many of these folks really are passionate about their hobby and will buy scads of things for it. You might look at quilting supplies, scrap booking, sports cards and many other hobbies.

  • Consider selling products that fall in the legendary sales “sweet spot.” Generally speaking, this is within the $100 to $200 range. If you sell items that cost more than this, you may run into much heavier customer service as shoppers tend to want to actually speak with someone before pulling the trigger on the deal. That’s fine if you have 24 hour live support, but most ecommerce entrepreneurs with home businesses don’t have that.

  • Another good dropship product niche is items that people buy repeatedly. This covers a lot of territory. For example, it might be household cleaning supplies, health and beauty products or all sorts of other things we all buy and use up and buy again. And again. And again. You get the idea. This is a wonderful way to build a great repeat customer base, too! Use these ideas to choose a good niche for your home dropship business products and get started today!

Use these ideas to choose a good niche for your home dropship business products and get started today!  Check out dropship source to get started.


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3 FREE Sources of Images for Your Dropshipping Business Blog

3 FREE Sources of Images for Your Dropshipping Business Blog

free image sources dropshipping blogIf you read the last post, you now know how risky it is to use images that are copyrighted for your dropshipping business blog, so now you can take a look at these 5 sources of high quality images that can be used without fear of being sued.

Images in your blog add a lot as far as engaging your audience, so you don’t want to not use them. On the other hand, the extra business you generated with your bog could be wiped out in one fell swoop if you use an image you aren’t supposed to use and find yourself getting a nasty letter from a lawyer letting you know you’re being sued for copyright infringement.


Use images, by all means. But, use them wisely. The following 3 sources of free images have a treasure trove of high quality photos and clip art that are yours to use absolutely free. It is important to note that some might ask you to link back to the site or credit the owner of the images. Do NOT ignore this request! Do exactly as you are asked to do and all will be copacetic. Fail to heed them at your own risk and on your own head be it.

I. Karen’s Whimsy: This site is chock full of all kinds of interesting images. They are all in the public domain, which means they are not protected by a copyright. The images are from the website owner’s personal collection of collection of old books, magazines, and postcards and are all from material printed prior to 1923. Some sites like this one don’t allow you to use the images for commercial use, such as a business blog, but it’s fine and dandy here.

II. Free Stock Photos: This great website has more than 15,000 images there for the taking. Whatever it is you are looking for, chances are high that you can find it here. All of the images are free, but some have special image license terms that you must adhere to. For example, with a Creative Commons Attribution licensed image, you might be required to give attribution to the author. This is no big deal and certainly a small price to pay to have access to fantastic images that won’t get you sued for thousands of dollars.

III. Wikimedia Commons: Another veritable goldmine of non-copyrighted images, all from contributors, bless ‘em. Like the other two sites, there may be certain specific guidelines you need to go by in order to use an image, so abide by the terms. There are almost 18,000 images to choose from! You can use the search box or just browse images until you something that strikes your fancy.

Images add value to your dropshipping blog content and with the wealth of free sources on the internet, there is no reason to risk being sued, so check out the sites mentioned above and start protecting yourself from a potential lawsuit by only using completely free-to-use images!  Check out dropship source to get started with your dropship business.


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A Dropshipper’s Guide to the Universe

A Dropshipper’s Guide to the Universe

dropshippers guide to the universeDo you want to become a dropshipper and work from home in your own ecommerce business? If so, you might find a few tips very helpful.

Dropshipping is one of the fastest, easiest and low cost home businesses to get started up and running, making money quickly. You can get it off the ground and earning an income for you literally in a matter of hours once you do the necessary groundwork.

It might help to clarify exactly what dropshippers do and how the dropship business model works.

When you become a dropshipper, you are basically selling products online that you don’t have. How can this be? Your wholesale product source houses all of the inventory you sell. So, you never have any of the products in your physical possession.

Now, here are some step by step instructions on how to start and run a home business as a dropshipper.

Step 1: Decide on a niche. This is a huge step! Without a profitable niche with enough of a consumer demand to ensure you of plenty of potential customers, your home business will not be a success. So, do your homework and research thoroughly before choosing a niche. Successful drop shippers understand that their entire ecommerce endeavor hinges on this first step, so get it right.

Step 2: Find a wholesale product source. The internet is crammed full of alleged wholesale dropship product suppliers. But, the problem is that when it gets right down to the nitty gritty, many of the so-called wholesale products sources are anything but
wholesale. Instead, they charge you retail or almost retail prices. Result? You can’t make enough of a profit to make your home business viable and thus ends your career as a dropshipper.

Step 3: Once you have found a reputable wholesale dropship source with genuine wholesale prices and good business practices, choose the products you want to sell online. If you have chosen wisely and have a wholesale dropshipper product source who has brand name products—so much the better!

Step 4: Decide on a venue to sell your products for your home dropshipper business. You might mull it over and come to the conclusion that going with a giant marketplace like eBay or Amazon would be best initially, at least. These sites have a tremendous volume of traffic….millions of shoppers a day…and you couldn’t possibly hope to replicate it with your own website, especially just starting out. Turnkey operations such as ProStores are great, too. Fast and easy!

Step 5: List your items with a few clicks of your mouse and you’re in business, ready for shoppers to start buying your dropshipper products. Once your customer has paid you, you pay your product source and they package and ship it to the buyer. You don’t have the expense or hassle of shipping!

That’s it! Your dropshipper business is up and running, ready to begin earning you an income. Dropshippers have a fantastic home business in ecommerce, and you can, too!


Start your own online dropship business today!

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