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Make Money with Back to School Clothing Dropship Sales Online

Make Money with Back to School Clothing Dropship Sales Online

dropship clothingSchool will soon be starting back and if you want to earn an income working from home, you can make money with back to school clothing dropship sales online!

If there is one time of the year when clothing sales soar, it’s when schools start back in session. Play schools, kindergartens, grammar schools, high schools, technical schools, colleges and more—this brings about a flurry of shopping for clothes.

Much of this shopping will be done online, which is where you come in. If you want to get a piece of this very profitable ecommerce pie, you need to get started now!

The United States Census Bureau has some interesting info about back to school shopping statistics and predictions for spending this year, 2013. If you thought that the Census Bureau simply sent people door to door finding out how many people lived there–you were wrong. In fact, they do all kinds of research! Check this out to gain a better idea of just how profitable a niche back to school clothing dropship sales online could be for you:

$7.7 billion
The amount of money spent at family clothing stores in August 2011. Only in November and December were sales higher. Similarly, sales at book stores in August 2011 totaled $2.4 billion, the strongest sales month of the year.”
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Monthly Retail Trade and Food Services

79 million
The number of children and adults enrolled in school throughout the country in October 2010 & from nursery school to college. They comprised 27 percent of the entire population age 3 and older.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, School Enrollment – Social and Economic Characteristics of Students: October 2010, Table 1

You can see that the back to school clothing boom is a money maker for anybody savvy enough to get in it!

This is a very broad niche, so you might be better off to drill down within it and develop a good sub-niche. Trying to dropship clothing for both genders and all ages and sizes would be a mammoth undertaking and not really feasible, especially if your home business is operated by one person (you) as most are.

Here are some ideas for the types of back to school clothing dropship sales online you might do well at:

  • Toddler Clothing
  • Children’s Clothing
  • Teen Clothing
  • Adult Clothing

You could specialize in only one gender for any of these suggestions and still have a huge global consumer demand.

Be sure to shop wisely for a wholesale dropship product supplier. If you pay too much for your dropship products for resale, you will not have a wide enough margin for profit and your home business will fail in a hurry. Choose a business that has true wholesale prices and high quality products.

You can pick and choose when it comes to venue for back to school clothing dropship sales online. If you want a marketplace with millions of shoppers through the site every day—go with one of the giants, eBay or Amazon. You could start your own website, but could not hope to duplicate or even come close to the amount of exposure your dropship products would get on one of these huge established sites.

You can work from home and make money with back to school clothing dropship sales online, but start now to get in on the action!


Start your own online dropship business today!

Home Business Idea: Dropship Clothing for Big Profits!

Home Business Idea: Dropship Clothing for Big Profits!

If you are longing to leave your boring, dead end job and work from home in your own ecommerce business, here is an idea for you: Dropship clothing for big profits!

Working from home with an online business is fantastic! If you asked most ecommerce entrepreneurs how working from home suits them, most of them would probably reply that their only regret is not doing it sooner. Until you experience the freedom and personal satisfaction that you get from being your own boss and writing your own paycheck—you can’t imagine how wonderful working from home really is.

So, the very fact that you are considering ecommerce means that you are on the right track. Ecommerce has changed the face of business. It has created a global marketplace that is accessible to everyone who is able to get online. It has drastically reduced the start-up costs of starting your own business and can be maintained at a fraction of the costs of running a traditional, brick and mortar business.

Ecommerce is great and dropshipping takes it one step closer to sheer perfection as far as a business model for the average worker bee who is weary to trudging along day after day, making money for somebody.

Now, one of the most critical elements of reshipping success is your niche. Clothing, as a dropshipping niche, is a can’t miss proposition.

Think about it! Most people in the world today wear clothing. Talk about a market with a huge consumer demand! You would certainly never lack for potential customers since clothing falls into the category of Necessities with most folks.

The thing is, though, clothing is an exceedingly broad niche. In fact, it many be so broad that to try and cover all if it with your dropship business would be well nigh impossible. You might be better off to drill within the niche to find and develop a lucrative sub-niche.

For example, you might specialize in dropship clothing just for kids. Or just for women. Or just for men. Or just for babies.

Here are some stats from eMarketer regarding clothing sales in the United States for 2012. They should give you a good idea of the potential for profit within this niche.

“Online sales of apparel and accessories are now growing faster than any other ecommerce product segment, and the category is poised to help US retail ecommerce sales grow 15.4% to $224.2 billion in 2012, after stronger-than-expected sales took the market to $194.3 billion last year, according to a new report by eMarketer.

eMarketer estimates online sales of US apparel and accessories—a product type for which shoppers’ desire to touch, feel and try on items before making a purchase was long seen as a deterrent to online sales—will grow 20% to $40.9 billion in 2012, up from $34.16 billion in 2011. Online sales of books, music and videos are expected to grow 18% to $20.35 billion this year, after increasing 20% to $17.2 billion in 2011.”

Check out this graph:

dropship clothing

And this one:

dropship clothing stats

It’s plain to see that if you dropship clothing, you will have chosen a home business ecommerce niche with a tremendous potential for profits, so get started today and start living the good life working from home!


Start your own online dropship business today!

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