Is Drop Shipping Right For You?

GALLAY Jewellery is rapidly becoming THE place to find the most recent and exciting trends in celebrity’s gold and silver jewelry as well as fashion accessories. Our inventory is already impressive; so while we may not be the largest fashion jewelry drop shipper yet, we are on our way and you will not be able to find a faster drop shipper anywhere. We provide one day shipping, which is a key to success in any online business. By the time another company has simply confirmed your order, your order will have already shipped with GALLAY Jewellery.


Take a look at our inventory. We carry the latest gold, silver and fashion bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, brooches and pins and most importantly – our jewelry is affordable. We have everything you could ever want in fashion accessories. Not only that, but there is a vast array of different styles to choose from in every category! By with us, you will always have new products to offer, which will help make your business grow and even more successful than today, because who doesn’t t like variety? Our inventory is growing more every single day, so it s a guarantee that neither you nor the customers of your business will ever get bored! Better still? As a registered retail partner you can join our program for free!

What Our Entails

Simply put, with our drop ship program, you have the choice to offer our products on your business’s web site. Not only can you set your own prices, but you will also have your own sales as well. After taking orders from your customers, you will submit them to GALLAY Jewellery; upon receiving an order, we will process it and drop ship the sold items to your customers generally on the very same day we receive the orders from you!

How Our Drop Ship Program Works

All you have to do is add our products to your web site, set the prices you want, and start taking orders from your customers. After receiving an order, fill out our order form and email it to us. Once we get your order(s), we will process it and ship the items right to your customer. You can pay for your order via PayPal.

The order will be processed and shipped out quickly. After the order has shipped, we send you an order confirmation with tracking details, which you can then pass on to your customer, as this will greatly increase the customer’s satisfaction with your company. Your customer will receive a packing slip along with his/her order. It will contain order details, but no pricing.


  • Add our products to your website at whatever price you choose.
  • Accept payment from your customer.
  • Order at or email the order to GALLAY Jewellery.
  • We will drop ship the jewelry or accessory items to your customer.
  • You will receive an order confirmation to pass on to your customer.
  • The difference between our cost and the customer’s price is your profit to keep.
  • That’s it!


Excited about the possibilities? Take the first step and Register HERE!


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